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Frogmarch Metro / Frogmarch nano


Thanks for all your notes about the Frogmarch Metro. There's not really much organising for me to do, so hopefully this email will cover it.

The base for the Frogmarch metro will be Enfield. Martin will be staying with Tim and Rowan, and it makes sense for the rest of us to base ourselves there as the hotels are cheaper and you can still be in the centre of London pretty quickly. Of course if you're near enough, just head home to sleep rather than staying in the hotel - if there are going to be long breakfasts or late night drinks they won't be in the hotel.

If you do plan to get a hotel, Holtwhites Hotel is near Tim and Rowan's place and also the railway stations. Double rooms are £60 per night, singles £50. The hotel doesn't actually do breakfast, but it's very near plenty of places where you can get whatever you prefer. Their phone number is 020 8363 0124, email, website I'll be staying there.

Alex has sailing that weekend, though he will be around on the Friday night. Therefore I'd like to suggest this plan for the weekend:

Friday night 6th October - Meet Alex and Mia in Central London (as they live in South London)

Saturday and Sunday - head into Central London. Alternatively we could simply stay in Enfield for some of the time, if those of you who live north of London just want to drive down as far as Enfield rather than go all the way into town.

That's not much of a plan really is it? But I think that's all the planning we need to do. So could you let me know whether you plan to come, and if so which days, and whether you'd prefer to spend some of the time in Enfield or just go into London. And also let me know which nights you're staying at the hotel.

I'm heading off to Canada on Saturday for three weeks, but if you do need to get in touch when I'm there, try sending a text to my work mobile.

See you soon!


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