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Frogmarch Metro in London

Just back from London and the unofficial Frogmarch Metro.

Friday night I met Tim and Rowan, Martin (the man behind the bytheseashore blog, which is currently taking a short break) and Helen, and we ended up eating pizza and then having a drink opposite Baker Street station in the Globe Tavern. Sadly Alex was later getting in from Munich than he thought, so he was unable to join us.

After an uncomfortable night in a hotel in Enfield for me, it was back into London on the train with Jane (who was at university with Rowan). We also met a Japanese friend of Tim and Rowan's at Enfield station. Tim will remind me of her name. Once in London we headed to the Ravi Shankar Dosa restaurant in Drummond Street near Euston station, where we were joined by William, Helen again with fiance John and then Ruth with her son Patrick. The Dosas (which are thin pancakes with various curry-like fillings) are actually south Indian (I haven't forgotten that this is supposed to be a blog about Mumbai) although they also served Bhelpuri, which I can say more reliably is actually from Mumbai.

Then with William as our guide we headed to Green Park and then walked across the Mall and over Westminster Bridge to The London Aquarium, for which Ruth and Patrick had got us all a half price ticket deal. (Thanks Ruth and Patrick!) The London Aquarium is as full of fish as you'd expect, though disappointingly the tour ends in the gift shop and not in a Sushi bar. I gave my camera to Patrick and he took loads of photos, some of which are over on the photo site along with a couple of other pictures from the day.

Then back to Piccadilly, where with lots of staring at people in comfy chairs we managed to win nine seats together in a coffee bar, and after Ruth and Patrick had headed for the last fast train home, and William had left to be home for bath time (Eleanor's, not his), the rest of us made for Mosob, an Eritrean restaurant near Westbourne Park tube. The owners are very friendly indeed and had just celebrated the restaurant's second anniversary the previous night. The food comes on plates to share, so we divided into veggies and meat eaters and dug into the relevant plate. (Thanks Richard and Jezza for making it possible!).

Helen and John were staying in town as they went to see their vicar today (we offered to all come along too but they said no), so this morning Tim and Rowan and Martin and I shared the buns without which no Frogmarch is complete.

So thanks to everyone for coming and for (gulp) inaugurating my farewell tour. Photos are now available here.

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