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April 30th, 2011

Frogwear ’11 @ 10:46 pm

Current Location: St Andrews, Scotland
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This year’s Frogwear is a rather fetching cricket sweater. See our top international models wearing their sweaters:


We’re sourcing Gunn & Moore cricket sweaters from Amazon; with the green and yellow trim they match our Frogmarch logo. They vary in price and availablity, but the sweater is typically around £20–£25, and we get the logo added locally for an additional £5. They are available in a range of adult and child sizes. If you’d like a “Frogmarch CC” jumper, please let us know! Orders in the next few days will ensure delivery in time for Frogmarch.

If you’d prefer something other than a cricket sweater, let us know — the stitched logo can be added to many styles of garment.
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