Toby Atkin-Wright (tobyaw) wrote in blogmarch,
Toby Atkin-Wright

Menu planning

Our menu for this year. Still subject to change, but we’re getting there.

We have the suckling pig on order — due to be delivered on Thursday morning — and we’re planning to do much of the rest of the shopping in Dundee that evening.

Then there will just be a handful of last-minute items to pick up once we get to Northumbria.


Friday dinner

Haggis with roast potatoes, carrots, and peas
Vegetarian haggis (v)

* * *

Ice cream with hot raspberry sauce and crushed shortbread

Saturday breakfast

Corn flakes
Bacon, fried eggs, and mushrooms
Brown or white toast, with strawberry jam or marmalade

Saturday lunch

Bread, Red Leicester cheese, sliced ham
chutney, pickled onions
apples, bananas, plums
crisps, Kit Kats

Saturday dinner: “Frogmarch Feast”

Paté with melba toast
Vegetarian starter TBD (v)

* * *

Cream of onion soup

* * *

Suckling pig, with root vegetables
Saffron vegetable pies, served with salad leaves (v)

* * *


* * *

Stilton, Double Gloucester, Camembert
Carrs Water Biscuits, Cornish Wafers
chutney, celery, grapes

Sunday breakfast

Sausage sandwiches
Vegetarian sausage sandwiches (v)

* * *

Crêpes, served with lemon and sugar, golden syrup, jam, or mixed fruit

Sunday lunch “Frogmarch summer party lunch”

Cucumber sandwiches
Tomato sandwiches
Egg mayo rolls

* * *

Savoury pies

* * *

Dundee mincemeat cake
Lemon drizzle cake
Chesil Beach cake

Sunday tea

Pasta with pesto

Monday breakfast

Corn flakes

* * *


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