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Sorry - Toby just reminded me that he and Kate paid for the oil and electricity as well. It was £78, which is £1.59 per person per night. So that means that I'll need to ask everyone for a little bit extra to send to Toby and Kate.

The new final grand totals are:

Ruth - £114.82 to pay
Jo - £55.94 to pay
Helen - £19.88 to pay
Gareth - £15.11 to pay
(None of these people have made a contribution to the food)

These people will receive a refund:
Andrew - £39.88
Toby and Kate - £138.23
Tim and Rowan - £12.97
Lisa - £6.48
William and Liz - £8.20

Sorry for the confusion.




Thankyou for such a great Frogmarch. I had a great time and I'm glad I stayed the extra day as well. My back's almost recovered from all that limboing under the beams in the attic bit.

I said there'd be a bit of money flowing about afterwards because Jo and Ruth marched after everyone had paid. I'd like to ask Jo for £32.71 for the night she stayed and Ruth for £88.39 for the three nights. This means that the people who were here for all three nights will receive £12.91 each. William and Liz will be refunded £8.93 each as they were only there two nights.

On the food, Andrew and Toby bought food for general consumption. I know that a lot of people also contributed food for the weekend but I understand that you aren't expecting a refund for it. Please let me know therefore if you would like a food refund from the Frogmarch Bank. Toby thinks that £200 of the big Tesco drop was the weekend food. Andrew spent £59.76 on food, mostly the fresh stuff for the big meals. That comes to £259.76, which is £21.65 each. Tim, Rowan, Lisa, William and Liz all gave Toby £20 each, so those people owe another £1.65 each, while Helen, me, Jo and Ruth owe the full £21.65.

Sorry that the £1.65 is rather a pointless sounding number. Toby had said that he didn't want any more money for the food if it was only slightly more than the £20 he'd asked for, but as money will be flowing about anyway I hope you won't mind me adding it into the calculation. Andrew will receive a net £38.11 while Toby and Kate will receive a net £56.71, as they kept the £100 cash that those five people paid on the weekend.

On the drink, I understand that alcohol was all on a bring-a-bottle basis, so I won't be putting that into the calculation. Please let me know if you are expecting payment for alcohol you bought.

The best bet now is that I'll pay everyone who is due money from the pot, and ask for contributions from the people who owe the pot. I'll send cheques to the Frogmarch creditors shortly. And if you owe money, could you please pay it to me and I can pass it on for you.

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