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Frogdates 2006

Dear Frogmarch alumni,

I'd like to announce the Frogdates for 2006.

The Frogmarch itself will be from Friday 12th May 2006 to Monday 15th May. If there is a Frogmarch Extra, it will be during the following week, ending on Friday the 19th.

I'd also like to ask for suggestions for the location and type of event. Should we hire a big house again, or should we stay in a hotel? The house idea is usually cheaper, but a hotel has its charms as well - no cooking or washing up for a start. And secondly, where should we go? This year was successful because it was quite handy for quite a lot of people. Yorkshire has been suggested as a place that could be reasonably accessible for people.

For both questions the main thing is finding a nice spot, whether hotel or house. If you can, please either comment on this post on the Blogmarch discussion board or reply to me and I'll put up your suggestions (unless you don't want me to). I'm sorry but I can't work out how to set it so that anyone can comment on this entry.

I'll look forward to hearing your Frogplans.


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